Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Katy perry naked. Pics...

Katy perry naked. Great picz:

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My son has the age of 13 years ' obsession to Katy Perry's worse than you think? My 13 years has an obsession with Katy Perry. His room is decked with pictures of her. Its not like a couple of posters, but its a room full of half naked pictures. I mean the whole room. He listens to his music all the time. This is really becoming a problem. He knows every last song heart.He also spent all her money to get tickets for one of his concerts in two months in advance. Even his little girl thinks its weird. She even dresses with pictures of her.He wear them to bed and beyond. He also wheres them to a gym class at school. What should I do.
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Katy perry nude. Great pics.

Katy perry nude. Cool pics:

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What kind of lipstick / gloss does Katy Perry wear? Im really into this pale look naked. Last night on Fuse, the Top 40 of 2008, The Good, The Bad & The Britney Katy Perry was a guest star. It was really nice lipstick / gloss (I could not tell!) On his lips. Ideas, anyone ' one? http / / www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAp9BKosZ ... Thats the same cosmetic lip ' that she seemed to carry on FUSE last night.
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